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rules you must follow

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happy rules you must follow

Post by Mystic_gohan on Mon Apr 13, 2009 6:21 pm

What makes a good post:
Read every post in a thread. This will make sure that your post is not deemed as spam by the administrators and moderators, this will slightly increase your chances of getting download access.

The fight against spam:
Spamming is something everyone hates, it comes up everywhere, email, phone calls, and on message boards. This is something we dont want here on Multi Talk 2. Generally the following is spam:

1. Posting many times in a row.
2. A single word post (there are times when allowed though)
3. Posting nothing but smilies.
4. Something that does not relate to the thread.
5. A useless picture that is just crudly drawn or of no relevance.
6. Advertising of a service or website that no one has any intrest in.

Our battle plans:
We combat spam in many ways. Each moderator, and each administrator has a varied way of combating spam these include:

1. Lock the topic - This simply locks the topic so that no one can post in again unless it is unlocked.
2. Delete the post - Delete the post in question, leaving the thread open for meaningful comments.
3. Warn the member - There ten warning levels, each moderator will provide a different warning level depending on the situation.

please follow the rules

right answers :
1 / 5001 / 500

Warning Bar :
0 / 200 / 20

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