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Zoids Chaos.

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Zoids Chaos.

Post by deltacommander on Wed May 27, 2009 9:28 am

Name of the forum: Zoids Chaos
Link: []Here[/url]

Current Administrator : Ben McCannon, Pilotapps, dartjulius

Current Moderator : Michael Valentine.

Category: Rpg

Main Language: English

Description: In the years following the great war of the Death Saurer, peace was abundant on the planet Zi. The Guardian Force found themselves out of work, and life on Zi was good. Science had been advancing at an alarming rate since the Empire and Republic began sharing technologies. New weapons and Zoids were being turned out like never before.

Scientists had found ways to make artificial organoid systems, and integrate them into zoid cores. Allowing for the zoids to learn, and become stronger. It also allowed them to have a mind of their own, develop a personality. One of these scientists was the son of the Great Raven, the legendary Zoid Pilot who helped defeat the Death Saurer. His name is Hawk Lezard. It was recently discovered that Raven’s real name was Dagon Lezard. Hawk was in charge of organoid research for the Lightning corp. He developed the first integrated organoid system, and made a custom Zoid to put it in. The Lightning Hawk.

That was the end of peace on Zi. The Lightning Hawk went berserk in the hangar it was built in. Destroyed everything in its path, killed all people. With the exception of Hawk, who ducked behind a blast door, everyone in that facility had died. Hawk had made that organoid system out of his father’s organoid, the evil Shadow, and now has gone off on his own path of destruction on Zi. Can anyone stop him and the Hawk? Wait to find out

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